Network Development in Central-Eastern Europe

16201_805082022867908_5557824142520215521_nNov.6-8. Berlin

We had the most inspiring group of 25 people from 4 countries, The Ukraine–all parts, Roumania ( both from within and without the Carpathians, Belrus, Germany,

Ready to emerge into the unknown, into experiencing new paradigms, new training-facilitation practices so we certainly could create a flow of learning stream from the personal to the collective, from the heart to the mind. From the inner world of reflection to the outer world of action.

I guess it was a space for collective inspiration, weaving and net-working.

Thanks you for the invitation and feel ready to dive even deeper if occasion arises.
FB link
Host and Organizer of the seminar: InMOE, Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa..

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