March seems to be the month to march for many things that we want to see present in our life.
March 15th
We, in Hungary march or demonstrate for freedom since 1848, call  for social, and now ecological justice and use and abuse our national or global days for high pitched speeches with little actions.
March 17th
We also had our SoL café conversation which really, though a small group, went truly deep in understanding the ways and needs of inner leadership, its pathways and applications manifested in our daily roles and acts.
March 27-28th
We will continue with SoL Academy workshop where we can dive into more of the depths and width of inqiury towards healing-learning and leading.
March the month to start gardening – also initiated gardening in my small space with more focus, carefull composting and – thinking of my daughter’s dog, Maszat, – more fences around to protect it.

In our jelenLét(MindfulPresence)center We here will also open the eco-garage, vegtebles by order local initiative via Szatyor community and offer Sunday afternoon dialogue and family constellation and cleaning the stream in front of our homes…and
March 28th evening at 8.30 joining the EarthHour and share and focus on Climate issues, switch off the lights and use the our for dialogue and meditative reflection on us, who contribute to what Obama say…here.

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