A month for new start–spring and beauty budding, garden getting ready…

MARCH.. is the month of reawekening to the inner and outer beauty of nature–it is the start of
Coaching while Walking
6-8th P
articipating in W.Nelles-Integral Constellation work…great meeting with my birth potential. Love and Compassion.
13th -15th  Leadership development Train the Trainers,  Hungarian Scouts Association
17th   at 6.00 pm. SoL Café. 

18th-20th. Facilitating Art of Hosting  for the EFeCT European group working with children in difficulties. Alfa Hotel, Budapest
21st – Participating in Gill Wright’s course on How to be the Practical Mystic that the World needs…
27-28th   The Inner Path of Leadership- A vezetés belső útja..

28Th  a Föld Órája  

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