MindfulPresence & WisdomWeaving 2015

July 24-26. MindfulPresence nad Deep Listening,Walking the Path of Inner Work
Summer Retreat for Educators, Leaders and All to learn and heal and co-create by mindfulness and systems intelligence, constellation and co-coaching.
June 4th–Ethical Prize Winners Forum of the P&P – closing lecture given
June 18th – 7 Ray systems and the understanding of our changing world – a training for SMEs’leaders and HR people

For Leaders and Organisations-SoL Academy event

June 26. Action Conference
June 26-28.
Mindfulness in Leadership, training in retreat

For WisdomWeavers

APRIL 10-13th, Love in Nature-Love in Life
It may be still in time for some of you to join us at our 1st event of WisdomWeaving , this time in Bulgaria, inspired by the teachings and loving presence of B.Douno, their great Master. We dointend to apply the spirit and the process of the FourFold Way in hosting ourselves and hosting others as well…

Karpat_medence_vizrajza_nagyAUGUST 17-24th Summer Retreat: MindfulPresence and WisdomWeaving – a week dedicated to inner work, co-weaving and generative spaces for co-creation. ( mindfulness practices, such as MbSR, co-counselling, shamanic counselling, bohmean dialogue and co-presencing:  healing-learning and hosting
This event IS open for contributions ahead of time as well as in the actual process of the WW event. AoH and WisdomWeaving as part of our annual event of our ongoing DunaSpirit – MindfulDialogue

OCTOBER 23-25th Healing History: Process Work and Deep Dialogue – it is a program that has been brewing since last year January-as the pain and trauma of WWi and WWII as well as the overshadowing presence of Stalinism and its reaction by the 1956. October revolution in Hungary, and the complexand intricate relationship web of Western and Eastern Europe  – it is all present in our daily mindset that drives the quality of our relationships, decisions and precepcions. HEALING and LEARNING Our Histrory to enable ourselves to Hospice the Past and Welcome the Future.

 For Educators and Facilitators
MARCH 18-20th: eFect congress

I have had a great opportunity to run a 2.5 day AoH event by the invitation of some other Hungarian AoH members who hosted the the annual gathering for EFect, a group of ca. 36 people from 6 countries. Our event was embedded in their week long congress in March… the method was new for most of the participants  and at the same time they had an opportunity to experience participation, sharing and cooperation in a way which they have been wanting to offer in their work with ” bad kids” as the subtitle for the evnt was formalized by them. Kids whom others find difficult to love.

MAY 29-31. Schools That Live – TérTeremtő facilitálás-The Art of  Developing Schools as Living Systems – an event to experience AoH:Meaningful Conversations that Matter.


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