2020 January

I am looking forward to running the 2nd week-end for Mindfulness based Cocounselling in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at the end of January.
What a wonderful group!

CoCounselling has been a core practice in my life since 1986. Many people ask me why?  It was the first process I got engaged in where I could be deeply personal, while dive into inquiry, feel and express my feelings and emotions,  and at the same time develop aware, mindful presence in cultivating free attention.
It also can lead us to a skilled practice of group inquiry, ie. mindful dialogues when we engage in a process that is a lot more than just exchanging ideas and our individual understandings as it leads us collectively to dimensions of the unknown, we open up to collective sensing and presencing and thus we meet “beyond wrong doing and right doing”.
Thus dialogue and cocounselling can mutually support us in generating a field of collective awareness that may lead us to new insights, shared mind and harmonized action.
We badly need them for the days and years ahead of us.

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