Coaching Naturally
is a specially designed process  to enhance our process for for change, transformation in a setting that allows for deepening understanding , learning, and holistic change.
Do you feel stuck? stressed?exhausted? uncertain which way to move on?
Inspiration and Intuition left you and feel the need for new insights and perspectives?

I believe at times like this moving away from where you generally roll out your daily routine, does help for a more inspiring, insightful direction to be seen and welcome.

I can offer you this space in our small retreats, with a holistic perspective, nurturing food, organic setting .
Coaching WITH nature  offers an organic and holistic (body-mind-spirit) framework of life and the right and generative, creative and inspiring perspective to life&work.

Our 2 venues you can choose from are

off Budapest in the residential area where our SoL Hu has its personal and small group coaching space in Remeteszőlős, where coaching and guiding your learning is enhanced by natural setting and thus you can let go of your stress and reflect on your own development, life direction and life&work calling guided by a well experienced business and life coach.


at Lake Balaton, Ábrahámhegy. which is even more further away from the buzz and stimulation of city and work life. The simplicity of the place offers the ground for new insights, while we combine coaching with movements, gardening, hiking, mindful presencing and the cooling and refreshing lake or just sit and be and sip a glass of wine and enjoy your being.

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