CCI CoCounselling International

1986 April was the time when I did my so called fundamentals offered by John Heron and Mary Corr.

it certainly was a fundamental shift in my mind. I realized that between body and intellect there is a whole a new world that is capable of holding emotions leading to heart felt awareness leading to intuition in practice. Until then i had awareness of the physical body and the physical world out there – all mapped in clever scientific, cultural and or esoteric pathways of understanding. Yet the actual paths and how to walk them was not in my awareness…

Co counselling laid the foundation for a language which helped me to frist express the truth I have always known: that we live in a world of holons embedded and inter-related at a high level of complexity and our continuous inquire and essential beingness based on true partnership may well lead to a heart space where understanding and compession walk hand in hand.


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