About me

0Ágota Éva Ruzsa, mindfulness based systems coach and facilitator

Gaia, Europe, Central Europe,Hungary, Budapest-Remeteszolos

I come from the West of Hungary having lived my life in a village, Bágyogszovát, until 13 when we moved to a town, Győr.  Bágyogszovát was formative in my life: freedom, wandering in nature, simple people,
Originally, I graduated as a teacher of Arts and Languages ( Hungarian-English-Scandinavian Studies and later, Hungarian as a Foreign Language) at ELTE-Budapest University.
Soon after that opportunity visited me and I became a co-founder of the Hungarian affiliate of International House -IH-Language School in the early 1980s. What an excitement! energy, focus and potential! One of the first cooperatives in the thaw of the communist regime, we launched it with great zeal. I already was a lecturer at the English Dept. of the Languge Institute at the – then – University of Economics. Yet, IH was a real entrepreneural opportunity! which seemed to have attracted me more than research and academy life at the time.

In 1988 opportunity visited me again and I studied and got teacher training certificates – in co-counselling, assertiveness, six-cat coaching – at Human Potential Research Group founded by John Heron at the University of Surrey,UK. An amazing innovation in adult education…those days.Coming home I wanted to share my good fortune, so in 1989 I co-founded Ariadne Gaia Foundation  to enhance knowledge transfer for personal and professional development for people in the helping professions, like educators, psychologists and counsellors as well as women programs all around the country.

In the mid 90s, yet again opportunity visited me and as a facilitator and consultant, I was invited to be part of William Isaac’s Dialogue Facilitators’ Project at the Centre for Organizational Learning at MIT, USA  from 1992-1994.
In 1998 while at a conference in Lodon, I was invited to join the growing Global Network Stewardship Circle of Society for Organisational Learning, a follow up of OLC at MIT in the States.
As a result I co-founded Learning organisations for Sustainability, SoL Hungary. first a fractal community of Global SoL, ( Society for Organisational Learning community) supported by AGA, later as a separate legal NGO entity. Since then I have been the chair and core inspiration to this organisation.

In the 1st decade of the 21st century,  having been deeply involved in regional and local development programs of the UNDP and more specifically some Roma communities, and later having been a local representative in our municipality, I became acutely aware of the need of Healing dialogues for Social Healing for Peace and Wholeness via integrating large group dialougic processes with presencing, mindfulness and constellation work. Thus I just initiated a Duna Network of WisdomWeavers, where glocal action is enhanced by empowering people by local traditions woven into new science based methods and approaches deepened by transpersonal and metaphysical awareness. Wisdomweavers they are.

I have specialized in developing capacities to facilitate systemic and transformative dialogues to enhance collective intelligence, mindful mediation, generic and strategic dialogues for community building for shared wisdom to emerge. I holds the theory and practice of learning organizations. Studied and practiced large group systemic facilitation with Billie Alban, Barbara Benedict Bunker, Juanita Brown, Toke P. Moeller and others and has been practicing co-counselling and mindful awareness inspired by  John Heron, metaphysics and spirituality from Wictor Charon, Maria Szepes, the Emissary network and mainly and mostly Gillian R. Wright, mindfulness from  Jon Kabat-Zinn, constellation work from Peter Orban and Wilfried Nelles, systemic awareness from Peter Senge, presencing from Otto Scharmer, perseverance to the spirit from my mother… they all have contributed to my practice in facilitation and coaching for soul presence in social healing.
My work experience spans over borders both geographically and in social devides. Thus I work as a university lecturer as well as a trainer and educator, a social development facilitator, change management consultant, and metaphysics based dialougic healer.
Developing Mindful Nations, of aware, compassionate leadership, communities and politics is more important now than ever.

My background to aspire for this world is supported my long dedicated inner leadership cultivated by spiritual awakening since 1976, mindful practices, such as Vipassana, mindfulness, awareness based dialogues and cocounselling as well as mindful facilitation.

I have held a seat in
the “Congress” of the Emissary International
the Board of Trustees of the Club of Budapest, Hungarian Association,
the Board of Trustees of Global SoL
I am still
the chair for SoL Hungary
a trustee and co-founder of AGA
a trustee for Tűzmadár-Firebird Foundation for Cancer patients’ rehabilitation work.
creative member of the Club of Budapest

My present focus is SouLPresence in Social Transformation through Societal Healing, Peace making and Transformative thinking.

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