My Communites

I have co -founded several healing-learning communities in Hungary.
I have also been invited to join or support or lead some other ones in the field.
I have myself decided to join some more as their approach and philosophy resonates in me.

Founder, co-founder or chair of

1983- IH, Hungary – International House Language School co-founder

1986 – onwards: Hungarian Co-counselling community

1989 – until now: AGA-Ariadne Gaia FoundationAGA was initiated by Agota Ruzsa and co-founded by Maria Szepes, her brother’s, charon’s wife, Sinai Magdolna and Agota in 1989 ( in.: Emissary International community for min. a decade, assertiveness, Bach flower remedies, etc.)

1998 – : SoL Hungary, Society for Organisational Learning fractal, called Learning Organisations for Sustainablity, Presencing and dialogue.

2015- WisdomWeavers-jelenlét központok

2005 – 2019 trustee and from 2019 chair of Firebird Foundation for the Quality Life of Cancer Patients

Trustee/ Board member:
1990s years -The Club of Budapest, Association in Hungary
1994-1996, Emissaries of Divine Light, Congress member-regional rep.
1998-2010, Global SoL Steward,
2010-2014, Global Association of SoL Communities (Society for Organisational Learning)

Joined professional communities

The World Café community-regional contact
The Art of Hosting community-regional contact
Open Space community
The Deep democracy community
History and Social healing community
Presencing Institute
Society for Organisational Learning
Lucis Trust
The Club of Budapest, creative member





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